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Our Story

We're Foncy Nails - a small, *black-woman owned* online Nail Wrap boutique based out of Vancouver, B.C.

Foncy Nails was created by Kayla Mackey - a Graphic Designer who loves nail art, but could never get it quite right with regular polish. As someone who didn't want to spend a pretty penny on a manicure, she thought - surely there must be another way to get cute nails!?

And so, Foncy Nails was born: The love child of Graphic Design and Nail Art.


We believe nail art is a confidence-boosting form of self expression that should be available to everyone.

Foncy Nails is a budget friendly way to get great nails without skimping on quality. 


Unlike other companies who use vinyls or transfer papers, our Nail Wraps are screen printed with 5-free nail polish inks. This means they sit on the nail like real polish, and can last up to two weeks.